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London, BL, Add. 17241

URI: https://bl.syriac.uk/ms/1028
Description based on Wright CCCXCII (1:312) Link to Archive.org Bibliographic record
Date: 13th century
Unspecified Syriac script ܀ Paper Codex, 126 leaves.
Wright's Subject Classification: Choral Books
This manuscript contains: Services for the canonical hours of the ferial days; belongs to some other manuscript. In total, including sub-sections, this manuscript contains 9 items.

Physical Description

Paper, about 6 5/8 in. by 5, consisting of 126 leaves, some of which are much stained and torn, especially foll. 1—3, 13, 30, 118, 124 and 125. The quires, signed with letters, seem to have been 16 in number. Leaves are wanting at the beginning, as well as after foll. 1, 4, 23, 30, 40, 46, 123, and 125. There are from 16 to 19 lines in each page.

Hand 1 (major, Unspecified Syriac script): The writing is good and regular, of the xiiith cent.

Manuscript Contents

Note: Item numbering updated in digital edition.
Item 1 (Fol. 1a): Services for the canonical hours of the ferial days [defective]
ܢܓܗܐ, ܣܘܬܪܐ, ܩܕܡܝܐ, ܥܕܢܐ ܕܠܠܝܐ, ܥܕܢܐ ܕܬܪ̈ܝܢ ܕܠܠܝܐ, and ܨܦܪܐ
Item 2 (Fol. 1a): Monday [defective]
ܬܪ̈ܝܢ ܒܫܒܐ
Item 3 (Fol. 10b): Tuesday [defective]
ܬܠ̈ܬܐ ܒܫܒܐ
Item 4 (Fol. 27a): Wednesday [defective]
ܐܪܒܥܐ ܒܫܒܐ
Item 5 (Fol. 47a): Thursday
ܚܡܫܐ ܒܫܒܐ
Item 6 (Fol. 69b): Friday
Item 7 (Fol. 94b): Saturday [defective]
Item 8 (Fol. 121a): Another service [defective]
ܛܟܣܐ ܬܡܝ̣ܢܝܐ ܕܝܠܗ ܟܕ ܕܝܠܗ ܕܝܘܡܐ ܕܫܒܬܐ
Item 9 (Fol. 126): belongs to some other manuscript
ܟܣܐ ܕܒܥ̈ܘܬܐ

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